Highlights from our open house!

The day before we moved the clinic to the new location in the historic Heights neighborhood, we hosted a very successful open house. About 100 colleagues, friends and co-workers attended and celebrated the opening of our new clinic. We will now be providing all of our services at the 708 E. 19th Street campus that houses both the residential treatment … Read More

Mindfulness and Anxiety

‘Mindfulness’ may be a term that you have come across recently and wondered what it was all about. From Anderson Cooper to the Huffington Post, everyone seems to be buzzing about mindfulness. So what’s the big deal? Mindfulness essentially means being fully aware of the present moment. Many of us spend majority of our days multitasking and being distracted by … Read More

The Houston OCD Team Attends the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) Annual Conference in Miami

While attending the ADAA conference is always informative and exciting as we learn about the latest developments in anxiety treatment and connect with colleagues from all over the world, during the conference in Miami this April the team from Houston OCD Program collaborated on several talks and poster presentations. We had a very successful conference with many clinicians and researchers … Read More

A Glimpse into the Future Home of the Houston OCD Program

Embarking on the construction of our new clinic has been quite the excitement among the Houston OCD Program team since our Ground Breaking Ceremony in August 2014. The new building is rising in the beautiful Heights neighborhood of Houston and is on schedule to open its doors late summer of this year. What is currently a shell of what is … Read More

ADAA Q&A: What is Residential Treatment?

People often contact the Houston OCD Program with questions about what kind of intensive treatment is appropriate for the individual or a family member. The different levels of care, including Inpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospital Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Outpatient Services can be confusing to navigate. The Houston OCD Program offers three levels of care; residential support, intensive outpatient program, … Read More

Relationship OCD (rOCD)

February is said to be the month of love. With Valentine’s Day being this weekend, many people spend countless hours planning something sweet for that special someone. However, for some people intimate relationships can become a source of anxiety and worry instead of excitement. Imagine yourself being in a relationship with the person of your dreams. He is funny, intelligent, … Read More

Hoarding and Organization

On Friday January 23 2015, Kim Fountain from the Houston OCD Program discussed hoarding and clutter for approximately 20 attendees at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Want to know more about hoarding and clutter? Here is an overview of the presentation: What is hoarding? Hoarding refers to the trouble resisting acquiring and saving too many possessions, This includes saving … Read More

Health Anxiety and Reassurance Seeking

Health anxiety (sometimes also called hypochondriasis) is the intense fear that perceived physical symptoms are indicative of a serious illness. The person often experiences preoccupation with and hypersensitivity to any bodily sensations experienced. As a result, the person with health anxiety often engages in checking the body for symptoms. Once symptoms are perceived, the cardinal feature of health anxiety is … Read More