By Bridget Henry, MA // Doctoral Candidate

WE ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING OUR INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT AND OUTPATIENT SERVICES THROUGH A FULLY ONLINE/VIRTUAL FORMAT DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK. Our residential support program is continuing to conduct intakes and accept patients to enter the program when our in-person services re-open as soon as possible. To schedule your intake, call us directly at 713-526-5055 or by clicking HERE.

We offer a highly specialized Residential Support Program for adults with severe OCD and other anxiety-related disorders. Individuals in the Residential Support Program participate in programming seven days per week while residing in an independent living environment. The homelike environment of the clinic increases the opportunity to practice exposures in realistic situations and to build confidence in maintaining gains and achieving personal goals. While we provide 24-hour staff support, residents are expected to manage their own activities of daily living (ADL’s). The Residential Support Program at McLean OCD Institute // Houston is designed to assist individuals in transitioning into a more productive lifestyle by providing practical training in life skills aimed at enhancing independence and functionality.

Each week, treatment programming includes three individual sessions with a cognitive behavioral therapist and one session with a family therapist. Each day, individuals in the program receive support in carrying out their behavioral treatment plan with our experienced team of residential counselors. The staff is especially trained to help clients with OCD to enhance response prevention, assist with “ritual free” activities of daily living, and implement behavioral therapy techniques.

Individuals who may benefit from Residential OCD treatment include:
  • Individuals with moderate to severe OCD or other anxiety disorders;
  • Individuals who require some additional support managing their symptoms;
  • Individuals who have tried weekly outpatient therapy in the past without sufficient progress;
  • Individuals who live outside of Houston and would prefer to stay in a homelike environment

Our intensive OCD treatment programs are not appropriate for individuals who have active addictions, active eating disorders, and/or are actively suicidal. For these individuals, we recommend an inpatient setting (see