Congratulations Dr. Kvale and Dr. Hansen on Being Selected to TIME Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Health Care for 2018

On the heels of last week’s OCD Awareness Week, the McLean OCD Institute // Houston, is still feeling the excitement. We were especially honored to co-host, along with Peace of Mind, “The Bergen 4-Day OCD Treatment: The USA Journey Begins in Houston,” presented by Drs. Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen, and former B4DT patient Kathrine Mydland-Aas.

Drs. Kvale and Hansen shared the wealth of impressive findings from their research and how this new model is reinventing how we approach OCD treatment. While Kathrine Mydland-Aas provided a moving personal testimony of her journey through recovery and now living an OCD free life.

On October 18, 2018 Drs. Kvale and Hansen were selected as two of TIME Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Health Care for 2018. This list is curated by TIME’s health reporters and editors and recognizes 50 people who changed the state of health care this year, and bear watching for what they do next.

“We both think Houston is a perfect place to launch the B4DT since the infrastructure is there and also a highly competent, caring and dedicated community of therapists who wants to ensure that the patients will have access to treatments that work. The openness and readiness combined with scientific rigor is a perfect starting point. At the moment the international demand is substantial:  Results from Iceland are ready, Sweden has started, Finland will start, Brazil has asked for it – so has Germany. Houston is at the moment at the top of our list.” – Gerd Kvale, Co-Founder B4DT

The B4DT founders were received with enthusiasm in the Houston community and we are looking forward to continued collaboration to bring this innovative approach to Houston in 2019!

To read more about Drs. Kvale and Hansen’s amazing accomplishment click here.
Photo: Paul S. Amundsen and Time Magazine