Houston OCD Program Breakfast Meeting – Recap

On Friday, October 26th, The Houston OCD Program had the pleasure of holding our first ever Houston OCD Breakfast Meeting, which was an overwhelming success.

During the event, therapists from the greater Houston area had time to eat a hearty breakfast and mingle with one another. After introductions were made, the Houston OCD Program’s team gave an informative presentation on OCD and other Anxiety Disorders along with the latest techniques for diagnosis and treatments.

Some of the topics discussed during the meeting included:

  • What’s new with anxiety disorder treatment
  • Using new technology to advance treatment
  • Next generation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

At the end of the meeting, the guests were able to direct their questions to the team and expand on the presentation. It is safe to say that everyone in attendance walked away with something new from the meeting.

In Summary

The meeting was definitely an entertaining twist on the typical “lunch and learn”, and it showed on the faces of each attendee as they made their way from the meeting.

There is no doubt we will be hosting another one of these again in the near future… Now the only question is… were do we eat next!?!