Ineke Olsthoorn is originally from the Netherlands and moved to Houston in 2016. She is currently  enrolled in a Clinical Psychology PhD program at Fielding Graduate University and joined the team in 2018   to broaden her experience in the treatment of individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety  disorders as part of a clinical practicum. In the Netherlands, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in  Psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, and a Post-Master’s degree in Healthcare  Psychology. She also obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University  in 2018. Prior to moving to the US, she worked for six years in the Amsterdam Medical Center, where she  worked with individuals with a broad range of neurological and somatic conditions. She conducted  neuropsychological assessments and provided cognitive-behavior therapy to individuals suffering from anxiety or depression related to their medical condition.