International OCD Foundation


In July, The McLean OCD Institute // Houston is excited to be attending the
20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta!

Throstur Bjorgvinsson, Ph.D.’s Speaking Schedule
Date & Time Activity
Friday, July 19th | 8:00am Introduction to OCD Treatment: Assessment & Diagnosis (Part 1)
Friday, July 19th | 9:15am Introduction to OCD Treatment: Exposure and Response Prevention & Medication Management (Part 2)
Friday, July 19th | 11:00am Introduction to OCD Treatment: Family, Child, & Adolescent Therapy (Part 3)
Saturday, July 20th | 2:00pm Fun with Exposures… Is It Possible? Using Creativity to Enhance the Exposure Process
Saturday, July 20th | 4:00pm OCD Taboos: Strategic Responses to Sexual & Violent Intrusions
Sunday, July 21st | 9:15am OCD Research in Clinical Settings: Assessment, Process, and Outcome



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