Dissemination of the Bergen 4 Day Treatment (B4DT): Bringing it to the U.S.

The Bergen 4-Day Treatment is practical, focused, and evidence-based. Currently, 1200 patients have completed the B4DT in Norway and Iceland; 90% of the patients have reliably improved. Dissemination of effective treatment is a major challenge in mental health care; will this approach really work in the U.S.? This presentation focuses on answering that question by describing the development of the B4DT, results so far, the US dissemination (translation, cultural adaptation), findings from first three U.S. pilot groups, and present the initial findings of the first U.S. study that will well under way during this presentation. The potential for this approach to be a truly transformative and disruptive to how health care is delivered in the U.S. is discussed.



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