Effective Goal Setting for 2018

By Ally Frankovich

The new year is here! This is the time of the year when many people reflect on the past year and feel energized and motivated to make great plans for the year ahead. However, commonly many new year goals are abandoned and forgotten by the end of January. There are various reasons why we fail to accomplish our goals; for example, we may feel a sense of overwhelm, and consequently begin to doubt our abilities, or due to the ongoing daily activities of life we may have trouble remembering why we set the goal in the first place. Knowing why we want to achieve a goal can serve as the primary motivation to do so. We can also be so motivated that we take on too much and get lost in the shuffle of trying to achieve multiple goals at the same time. These and many more similar reasons lead many of us to set unrealistic, impersonal, and poorly defined goals that we have difficulty achieving and consequently abandon altogether.

A successful way to make one’s plans, wishes and desires a reality is to set effective goals. Goal setting encompasses thinking about one’s ideal future, and then finding motivation to turn the vision of this future into one’s reality. In fact, effective goal setting can act as a tool to help us get motivated in the short term while having the ability to see the long-term vision and impact of our goals.