Sexual Obsessions: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed, By Dr. John Hart

Extreme and unusual sexual thoughts are often under-reported and under-treated. This article originally appeared on People who repeatedly experience extreme and unusual thoughts of a troubling sexual nature may suffer from an often-misdiagnosed sexual obsession. Sexual obsessions are a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which affects a significant percentage of the 1 in 40 people who suffer from OCD. Research and … Read More

It’s Never Time to “be OCD”: Now is a Time for Increased Empathy and Flexibility

By Drs. Angela Smith & Emily Anderson McLean OCD Institute // Houston Response to Wall Street Journal Opinion by Elias Aboujaoude, M.D., on March 31, 2020 As Clinical Psychologists specializing in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety disorders, we have witnessed the unique challenges experienced by individuals with these disorders in recent weeks. While some of the adjustments … Read More

Dr. Chad Brandt on CW39’s Morning Dose.

Dr. Chad Brandt visited CW39’s Morning Dose to talk about anxiety over the holidays and ways to work through it. Symptoms that you or a loved one may be experiencing anxiety or depression: Anhedonia (Reduced motivation or the ability to experience pleasure from things one may enjoy Staying in bed Avoidance (Family, friends, work) Ways to work through your anxiety … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Tina Still

We pride ourselves on building the best team we can to provide care to the Houston community and we are proud to spotlight our new Administrative Assistant, Tina Still. What do you like most about the McLean OCD Institute // Houston?The staff is amazing!   What are three words to describe the McLean OCD Institute // Houston? 1. Caring2. Compassionate3. Comfort   If … Read More

Mind Games: A Film About OCD

We are proud to support our former patient Rachel Immaraj; she is producing and directing a short documentary focused on discussing the more taboo types of OCD. Rachel completed her residential treatment with us in December 2018. The mainstream media portrays OCD as a quirky personality trait where people are constantly washing their hands. However, OCD is much more complex … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Alejandra Sequeira, PhD

  Alejandra Sequeira is no stranger to the McLean OCD Institute // Houston; she was with our sister program in Santa Monica, CA! Get to know our newest team member! What do you like most about the McLean OCD Institute // Houston? I like the friendly, supportive, and incredibly talented staff and the homey and beautiful work environment.    What … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Bridget Asplund, MA

  What do you like most about the McLean OCD Institute // Houston? You can really tell that everyone on the team cares a lot about their work and their clients. It makes for the perfect work environment that is fun, supportive, and challenging. Also, I am surrounded by clients who are overcoming their fears daily, and I learn so much from them. … Read More

The 26th Annual IOCDF Annual Conference in Austin, TX: A Recap!

What an amazing weekend in Austin, Texas at the 26th Annual IOCDF Conference! As a clinic, there are several dates we circle on the calendar each year and the IOCDF annual conference is definitely one of those dates. We look forward to speaking with fellow clinicians and getting to meet those that live with OCD on a daily basis that … Read More