The McLean OCD Institute // Houston is currently seeking a Family Therapist specializing in intensive Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders, Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD and appropriate interventions for other co-morbid conditions. We specialize in evidence-based service programs that treat patients with severe OCD and related anxiety disorders. Our program consists of residential support, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment. In this position, you will work with a dedicated multidisciplinary team and will be responsible for the development of treatment plans to increase independence for patient’s OCD by working towards decreased family accommodating behaviors and effective communication skills with outside support systems.

Responsibilities: The Family Therapist (FT) will observe and implement treatment plans, standards and policy, and abide by such rules and regulations as may from time-to-time be put in effect by the employer (MOCDI-H). They will carry a caseload that consists of residential support patients, PHP patients and outpatients with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders. FT’s are responsible for team communication, working directly with support staff around patient care, communication and education for patient’s family support system, documentation and administrative duties. Clinical duties of the FT include assessments, diagnosis, development and implementation of treatment plans as well as discharge planning. Team meetings, group leadership and supervision are additional responsibilities of MOCDI-H FT’s. FT’s are expected to initiate and maintain a supportive relationship with patients and their family; facilitate the development of appropriate behaviors, self-expression, and social interaction. All team members are expected to celebrate patient success and encourage continued growth. FT’s will provide additional services to ensure the quality of care is provided to each patient within their capabilities. The FT should oversee and manage all duties related to family therapy sessions, clinical services assigned, individual patient sessions assigned and mixed administrative duties.

Requirement: Must hold a master’s degree or doctorate degree from an accredited program in Psychology, Social Work or related fields and must be licensed in the state of Texas with one of the following licenses: PhD., Psy.D., LCSW, LMSW or LPC. Family Therapists must maintain licensure and be in good standing with the state of Texas. Two or more years of experience providing clinical psychotherapy in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based practices. Proficiency in assessments, diagnosis, and ongoing treatment planning. Excellent writing skills for documentation; evidence of research productivity is recommended.

License: A valid Texas clinical license within the scope of behavioral therapy that does not require supervision to provide mental health services. 

Start date: Immediately.