A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

By Melissa Fasteau, PsyD
shutterstock_548849503I am so excited to have recently joined the Houston OCD Program as the postdoctoral fellow. A postdoctoral position typically offers a unique opportunity to specialize in a subsection of clinical psychology. Treating OCD and anxiety has been a passion of mine since my practicum and internship sites, so I am thrilled to have specialized training with HOP.

The IOP and residential services provided by HOP are remarkable, as all of the clinicians and residential counselors are specifically trained to treat OCD and anxiety disorders. Every morning the entire team meets to discuss progress and challenges of each patient. These meetings allow all of the behavioral therapists and residential counselors to understand each person we work with, in which we gather all of our insight to individualize treatment to address each patient’s specific needs. Coming from a large hospital setting, I appreciate the opportunities to work in a smaller, more intimate practice.

One of my most rewarding experiences at HOP was the chance to work with an adolescent intensive outpatient case. This was my first opportunity to work with an individual client, one-on-one, for three hours each day. Working with this client allowed me to employ all of the CBT and ERP skills that usually take several months, in the course of three weeks! By the end of treatment, I watched someone with a fear of needles ask for a shot!

I imagine this will be a year of rapid growth in both my clinical and professional skills. With the support from HOP, I believe I will be achieving the goals I set forth for myself prior to training. I am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and new challenges, as I have so much to gain from my supervisors, peers, and patients!