A Bergen 4-Day Treatment Success Story: Gunnar Rolland

Gunnar Rolland remembers the exact age, he was 13 years old, when his OCD symptoms first appeared. He tried numerous treatment approaches and finally, 59 years later, at age 72 everything changed!

“I had tried so many different therapies, and I had tried over and over to do exposure myself. The result was most often discomfort without change, and I had nearly started thinking that I just had to accept and to adapt my life to the OCD. During the 4 days I learnt how to make real and lasting change. It was hard work, but changed my life.” – Gunnar Rollan

Gunnar Rolland lived nearly his entire life with OCD and after 4 days in February, he was “free.” The video shows his story…

Video courtesy of Dr. Bjarne Hansen