“Social Anxiety Disorder Presentation”

Presented by The McLean OCD Institute // Houston

This informative CEU is from 11am – 1pm and includes a casual lunch. Cost is $5.  

People with social anxiety disorder fear being negatively evaluated by others, and this fear can be generalized or specific to certain tasks such as performing/speaking in public, eating, writing, and interacting with others. Social anxiety is common, sometimes debilitating, and may present itself in a variety of settings.

 This presentation will give an overview of social anxiety disorder, with information about its assessment, treatment, and comorbidity with other disorders in an interactive format.

Presenters from the McLean OCD Institute // Houston treatment team will include: 

Christen Sistrunk M.A., LPC 
Dr. Jessica Gerfen 
Dr. Jennifer Sy

More information about their credentials and the McLean OCD Institute // Houston can be found at https://houstonocdprogram.org/about-us/staff/ .

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Reminder: Entrance to the CEU is now through the gymnasium doors, which means that purses, cell phones and personal items are allowed! Please follow the exterior signs to the side entrance (no need to sign in at the lobby!)




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