Dr. Emily Anderson presents at the 25th Annual OCD Conference

OCD, OCPD & ASD: Symptom Overlap and Treatment Differentiation

There are times when individuals who seem to meet criteria for OCD and have possibly been referred for treatment, do not meet criteria following a clinical evaluation. Often these individuals would better fit a diagnosis of ASD or OCPD or a combination of OCD and OCPD/ASD. This workshop will help clinicians enhance their understanding of differential diagnosis between OCD, in both children and adults. Supported and contraindicated treatment tools for each disorder will be discussed. Modifications to exposure and response prevention (ERP) that are beneficial and contraindicated for the other diagnoses. Case vignettes will be presented to examine application of treatment tools.

Emily Anderson, PhD • Ivy Ruths, PhD • Alejandra Sequeira, PhD
Christen Sistrunk, LPC • Naomi Zwecker, PhD



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