Unbelievable, Mind-Blowing, Amazing, and Life-Changing.

The McLean OCD Institute // Houston is celebrating 10 years of service to the OCD and anxiety communities. In that time, we have had the honor of treating and working with countless individuals who have allowed us to be a part of their journey. This year, we are excited to bring to the United States what many are calling a “life changing” experience.  In April, our team was joined by therapists from Bergen, Norway to implement our first ever treatment trial of the Bergen 4-Day Intensive Treatment for OCD.

Expectations were already high as the week began, since research on the Bergen 4-Day treatment has already demonstrated strong outcomes regardless of severity and co-morbid conditions. By the end of the week, though, four participants were able to completely reclaim their lives after four days of hard work, challenging tasks, and a lot of fun! When asked to describe their experience in a word, the four participants chose the following words: “Unbelievable, Mind-Blowing, Amazing, and Life-Changing.”

We are also in awe to have witnessed such transformational change over the course of hours and days, and our therapists have described the experience as life-changing as well, both professionally and personally. This week may be the beginning of a profound change in what we should be expecting from mental healthcare in America, and we are so proud to be starting this work here in Houston.